Week 14 - Jamaican Cuisine

 Jamaica has a deep history of cultural integration because it was under both Spanish and British control, which brought African slaves to the island. Indians and Chinese were also brought to Jamaica as cheap laborers after the abolition of slavery. This melding of cultures created numerous hybrids of religions and culinary traditions that incorporate flavors and foods from all around the world. Did you know Rastafarian Jamaican’s avoid cooking with metals, they try not to consume canned foods, dried foods, additives or artificial coloring? {alertSuccess}

Jerk Chicken

​This Weeks Five Recipes:

  1. Jamaican Callaloo
  2. Jamaican Jerk Chicken
  3. Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding
  4. Jamaican Jerk Grilled Eggplant
  5. Jamaican Ackee and Salt Fish


Is an introduction necessary? I am who I am and who I always shall be!

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