Week 3 - Seafood Menu

 Seafood contains niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin B12, thiamin, riboflavin, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium and selenium. In addition, oily fish have generous amounts of vitamins A and D, while fish with bones remaining, such as canned salmon and sardines, are good sources of bone-building calcium. Fish, especially marine fish, are a dietary source of iodine. Did you know blue crabs are like ducks as they only mate once in their life time? {alertInfo}


This Weeks Five Recipes:

  1. Jerk Shrimp
  2. Blackened Shrimp Avocado Cucumber Bites
  3. Pan Seared Salmon Lemon Garlic
  4. Easy Broiled Lobster Tails
  5. Fish and Chips


Is an introduction necessary? I am who I am and who I always shall be!

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